Ensayo de reproducción Esej Reprodukcyjny

Spain-Poland 2017
In collaboration with Rubena la Berenjena
Performance in streaming, Bienal Ciutat Vella Oberta, Valencia-Katowice

Up: Analog photography intervened
Down: Digital contacts of the performance


Through the strategy of cabaret, dramatization and cross-dressing, the performative character of standardized femininity is addressed with irony as well as with a critical vision. Commercial cinema acts as a source of cultural references, a reflection of patterns and roles models, being later captured and internalized by the viewers.
Transvestism is considered one of the strategies used to question the notions of gender and sex, frequently used in cabaret. It offers endless subversive possibilities in order to creat spaces for reflection and strategies that revolve around the parody of femininity/masculinity.
The performance took place between two countries, carried out simultaneously in both places, in the space provided by the Biennal in La Nau (Valencia) and the Academy of Art and Design in Katowice.

Text curated by Marea Gómez