Internet girls


Stock photo, 2019


About the project

Originated for personal expression and communication between users, social networks and social media apps have become one more place to perpetuate the established gender roles, watch over our attitudes and monitor our bodies. With the idea of focussing the attention on the aforementioned problems, the resulting pictorial series accumulates, reproduces and reinterprets how women represent themselves in social media.

The purpose is none other than to generate new readings about these images and their nature, as well as to reflect on the performative nature of gender, the domestication of the body and the reduction of the female subject that this process entails.

Text curated by Marea Gómez


Contract your cheecks, 2018

Results for: woman, 2018

Untitled, 2019  


Pictures from the fanzine/publication, all mixed into a drop-down, that includes pieces and different texts from the research process of the painting series

  Untitled drawings, 2017



Internet girls

Oil painting / photography / fanzine


20170404_182206.jpg, 2017  


  2908.jpg, 2017

  Untitled drawings, 2017


    20170327_235833.jpg, 2017

2893.jpg, 2017   

2908.jpg (right) and 2893.jpg left), 2017


Pofile pictures

Oil painting on wood